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We help you create a workplace where your team can think together, do together, and achieve together. That’s all we do.

At the core of the digital workplace lies its seamless ability to collaborate, communicate, and contribute. Content is what gets transferred between those 3Cs. Hence, it becomes essential for enterprises to have an intelligent content management system in place.

Our teams have been working on content management using SharePoint since the first roll-out of Microsoft SharePoint platform; covering the entire spectrum of services possible around its evolution to the current avatar. Our experience with SharePoint goes as old as SharePoint itself.

We, combined with years of experience, ensure your team is digitally empowered for Content Management (SharePoint), Seamless Integration on the go (Office 365- Part of SharePoint Online), Business Intelligence (Power BI), Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure), and bunch of Internet of Things (IoT) tools and applications.

Power BI Services

BI Consulting
Full-Service BI Consulting, Enabling Informed Decision Making

The sheer amount of data that gets generated these days, Business intelligence solution is no longer a nice-to-have thing for any business organization. It’s a must to have the technology for businesses to possess. Our BI consulting service utilizes Power BI- a suite of business and analytics tool from Microsoft- to put your organization in control of your data.

We are a full-service Power BI company offering services across BI strategy, planning, implementation, and optimization. Write to us to avail a free-trial of Power BI application using your business’ actual data.

Data Governance
Effective Data Management For Analytical Accuracy

Data is the basis of most of the business decisions. The proliferation of smart devices and advanced technologies has made existing data privacy policies redundant. The shifting of global economies towards advanced data protection standards has made it inevitable for enterprises to adopt a comprehensive data governance structure. 366Pi work with companies and help them with designing a robust data governance strategy. We believe data should be proactively managed in a way that enhances its accessibility irrespective of location & device.
366Pi’s data governance solution addresses the challenges/bottlenecks around the following:
• Master Data Management
• Data Security & Encryption
• BI Lifecycle Management
• Data Lineage & KPIs
• Workflows Optimization
• Meeting Evolving Regulatory Compliance Requirement

– Workflow Management
– Data Quality Management
– Master Data Management
– Data Security & Privacy
– Metadata Management
– Data Governance Audit

Data Visualizations
Bespoke Actionable Insights For Competitive Advantage

Shared data visualization is the sign of a digitally connected business. The various types of data that a business accumulates on a day to day basis makes information coming in multiple forms. One of the significant challenges faced by companies is to present the data in a format that could facilitate decision making through critical insights. Real-time insights to reports based on past data, 366Pi’s data visualization services runs on a bespoke concept to deliver an objective based solution.
A large number of organizations find it challenging to adopt a data visualization solution due to inherent complexity involved with the sheer volume of data they generate. 366Pi’s data visualization services make simple what looks complicated to businesses. We work with companies of all size and across sectors to help them make most out of the data.

Data Visualization Spectrum
– Reports & Dashboards
– Advanced Data Analysis
– Data Management
– Data Optimization
– Big Data Consulting
– Live Power BI Reporting

The decision to adopt any new technology in a business revolves, fundamentally, around “How & What” of the technology. From “How technology could unleash values” to “What benefits it could provide,” the list is as long as it could get. This is where our blockchain consulting service comes into the picture. We help you unleash the potential of blockchain for your business by answering the most pertinent questions.

Our blockchain consulting capability spans across Three Areas.

Use Case Design (Proof of Concept)

Our blockchain consultants possess deep awareness of blockchain’s usability in different industries. We assess your business to identify the pain-points and ideate the feasibility of adopting blockchain for business benefits. For every feasible project, we design custom use-case according to the expected business goals and system workflow.

Prototype (MVP/Pilot)

From designing the framework for a viable solution to architecture design, we ensure the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Pilot replicates the live running scenario. Quality checks & user acceptance testing is performed internally by replicating the client’s scenario.

Product Development

Our team of blockchain developers & consultants help you with end-to-end product development on the blockchain. From designing the UI/UX on the blockchain to front-end, back-end implementation, we ensure the blockchain solution leverages upon your existing resources & process.

Ask 366Pi

“Our USP lies in being a blockchain agnostic company. We help you select the blockchain platform that suits your business’ need and aligns with your objectives & goals.”

Want to Accelerate Your Blockchain Adoption?

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