DSMM-Digital Sustainability Maturity Model

We are living through a time where Digital integration goes beyond business transformation; sustainability goes beyond profitability; growth goes beyond capital; and technology is no longer just about automating processes. The ability of a firm to integrate sustainability and technology in a holistic way will determine its potential to grow in the new era. We assist businesses in achieving the above integration through our Digital Sustainability Maturity Model (DSMM) approach. Learn More

Idea to Market

Due to the perception of sustainability as an expense, the majority of businesses do not operate with it in mind. This may be due to a number of factors, including a lack of information, a gap in capabilities, and an inability to visualise shared values. Through the productization of their ideas and the development of custom applications and solutions, we assist businesses in aligning with the sustainable aims.

Digital Workplace

Though it is frequently promoted and debated in boardrooms, sustainability is not always connected with a business process. Lack of cross-functional integration is one of the causes of this. We make it easier for businesses to utilise digital technology by facilitating cross-functional integration and information sharing around sustainability objectives.

Smart Digital

Despite being intertwined with business, sustainability is not given top priority. Sustainability is a goal that should be integrated and executed concurrently with other business priorities. Through digital involvement at the process level as opposed to the functional level, we assist businesses in becoming smarter to accomplish sustainable goals. These intelligent systems are created with economic, political, cultural, and legal capitals in mind.

Future is Now

For sustainability to be able to take advantage of new opportunities, flexibility and long-term commitments are required. Through IP development, management, and commercialization, we assist businesses in maintaining their commitment to sustainable goals. This activity, which is ever improvising, aims to enhance growth potential through four successive steps of the Digital Sustainability Maturity Model.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Creating Workplace that Thinks, Works and Achieves Together. 

At the core of the digital workplace lies its seamless ability to collaborate, communicate, and contribute. Content is what gets transferred between those 3Cs. Hence, it becomes important for enterprises to have an intelligent content management system in place.

Our teams have been working on content management using SharePoint since the first roll-out of Microsoft SharePoint platform; covering the entire spectrum of services possible around its evolution to the current avatar. Our experience with SharePoint goes as old as SharePoint itself.


Business Collaborative Platform

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