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Helping companies adopt advanced technologies for business advancement


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Smart Contracts Development & Blockchain Consulting

The evolution of diverse blockchain types has left many a company in conundrum about its usability. Our blockchain consulting service is two-fold. We help businesses identify specific problem areas where blockchain could be leveraged as well as incorporate blockchain as a part of digital transformation journey.

Enterprise Smart Nodes
Business-Ready Enterprise node for Public Blockchain access.
Business Protocol Layer
Design and Map your Business Use Case.
Smart Layer Technology
Smart Tech to integrate DLT with Enterprise Technology Stack.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Creating Workplace that Thinks, Works and Achieves Together. 

At the core of the digital workplace lies its seamless ability to collaborate, communicate, and contribute. Content is what gets transferred between those 3Cs. Hence, it becomes important for enterprises to have an intelligent content management system in place.

Our teams have been working on content management using SharePoint since the first roll-out of Microsoft SharePoint platform; covering the entire spectrum of services possible around its evolution to the current avatar. Our experience with SharePoint goes as old as SharePoint itself.


Business Collaborative Platform

Office 365.

Integrated experience of services

Power BI.

Business analytics service

Microsoft Azure.

Public cloud computing platform


Interrelated computing devices


Combined hrs of Experience

544,680 People hrs

Digital Workplace Solutions

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Office 365 Consulting services lifecycle


Future Tech

Future Tech Lab is where we keep on doing R&D on technological innovations and adding in-house capabilities. With us, you need not worry about where to find capability to get your business transformed to any tech innovation. You focus on doing what you do best and leave on us the rest.
At present our future tech capability spans across:

Internet of Things

IoT at 366Pi is a plain-vanilla research & development practice with a focus on integrating sensors with big data across sectors, industries, enterprises, and society. The IoT team works as your outsourced R&D partner, allowing you to stay focused on what you do best and leaving the rest on us

Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) practice helps companies in integrating AI to their products/processes, develop ML models, implement predictive analysis, and design NLP solutions. From scoping to application development, we have a ready team to cater to your R&D need.


The Bot team is an extension of AI practice with a focus on providing agnostic solutions per clients’ need. Enterprises often struggle in finding the right bot and integrating the same with the existing system. This is where our bot service helps you in assessing your need, choosing the right platform, and integrating the same with your business process.


The blockchain team at 366Pi is in constant pursuit of adding capability & expertise across various blockchain platforms. We are one of the original contributors to the FLO blockchain, and our current capability spans across Ethereum, Waves, and Hyperledger Fabric. Our focus is on enterprise blockchain scenarios.

Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

Team Player

Amitesh Anand

Amitesh Anand is an Entrepreneur with experience in building teams and businesses in Technology, Business Consulting, and Services. His business, 366Pi, is helping global customers to build applications platforms using Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, and Azure.

Team Player

Sushant Bharti

I am one of the many people who have lived the transition & transformation that got started somewhere in mid 1990s. I was part of the game when the word “Software” became talk of every household; something to which people started tagging their growth.

Abhijeet Das Gupta
Team Player

Abhijeet Das Gupta

Experienced Software Professional with a demonstrated history of working with clients in variousdomains including the government administration, especially on Aadhaar (UIDAI) Ecosystem. Skilled in.Net and other Microsoft Technologies, Java, SQL Server, Requirements Analysis, and Web Applications.

Delivered by our team - the future of Technology.

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