We participated in #hackathon last weekend. We did some reports on Power BI as a part of solution.
These reports are built using public data sources on Microsoft Power BI. Please leave your comments if you want me to email ...
Lending A Helping Hand.
The COVID-19 outbreak has altered the way businesses used to work until now.
In this new situation, a mature team, division or department will be one that could achieve the highest level of collaboration with the ...
It's party time at @366pi
It's a b'day time.
@swarnalisaha04 and @bigminiworld_ had a #maukamauka moment just weeks apart.
Everyone here wishes both a great day and upcoming year filled with laughter, happiness, and success.
Apple and Oranges : Towards Creating A Connected Workplace
Connected workplace lies at the heart of a progressive enterprise. One area every organization, irrespective of size, constantly explores is how to connect teams & the organization. The solution lies in ...
Of many things FLO C# SDK can do; it let developers integrate Blockchain layers to their existing application and scenarios. As interns, Utkarsh Singh and Kumar Kshitij built a full working Interns management application at 366Pi Technologies
This application built ...
Looking for your pot of Gold?
I found the Irish Wealth which Vikings left. The wealth which Leprechaun protected was right here at #aberdeen.
Alas, Rainbow is an optical illusion, with a sense of vision which in real world is ...
This reminds of #TreeSet in #java #objectorientedprogramming
TreeSet provides an implementation of Set interface that uses a tree for storage. Objects are stored in sorted, ascending order.
Access and retrieval times are quite fast, which makes TreeSet an excellent choice ...
Every #travels let you move massively forward in your own #journeys. As #entrepreneur travel let you connect to opportunities.
You meet #people, you visit #places and you build your own observation. These observations further reinforces your dreams towards reality.
On ...
What makes the blockchain technology secure? The answer lies in the concept of game theory and its models.
Learn about the application of game theory for blockchain security. Read more at :
#blockchain #gametheory #technologicalinnovation #blockchaincommunity #blockchainforgood #bitcoin #ethereum ...
#technology enables to bring #rapid, #visible and #sustainable change. 366Pi := Real + Rational ^ with irrationality to go beyond real.
Pi for us is People driven Innovation.
The generations of technology are bygone. We now cruising towards ultra-modern fast ...