Code is the new contract. Replace the lethargic paper-based contract process with automated self-executing smart contracts. No matter the type of Blockchain based deal you enter, we have a smart contracts solution to support your vision. We do smart contracts on a vast number of platforms, making us a platform agnostic team.

Smart contracts are the digital equivalent of the traditional paper-based contract with unique features that make them essential for any business to adopt. We do smart contracts on almost every platform and both public-private blockchain networks. We help you Design, Develop, Audit, and Optimize smart contracts system per your specific business need.

Enterprise Smart Nodes
Business-Ready Enterprise node for Public Blockchain access.
Business Protocol Layer
Design and Map your Business Use Case.
Smart layer technology
Smart Tech to integrate DLT with Enterprise Technology Stack.
Benefits of smart Contracts

Unique Smart Contract Features


Event-based customized self-executing contracts with negligible to desired manual intervention.


Designed to operate in varying degree of autonomy & independence per business need.


Staking based smart contracts solution for enhanced trust & transparency across the value chain


Data storage on shared ledger provides the best backup facility

Direct Benefit

Absence of intermediaries results in direct cost saving for the organization


Less manual intervention results in high data accuracy, making the process fast

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We are Full-Service Smart Contracts Solution Provider with following capabilities 

DESIGN - Architecture

A bug-free system is the backbone of the underlying protocol. We leverage our experience & expertise to design an efficient smart contract architecture

DEVELOP - Smart Contract System

We develop customized smart contract solution, leveraging upon your existing resources & process, to meet your business need

AUDIT - Smart Contracts

It’s always advisable to get your smart contracts solution audited through an independent agency. Our audit team ensures your system is bug-free & secure

OPTIMIZE - Smart Contracts

Smart contracts optimization results in direct savings in Gas consumption. Our experts ensure your smart contract system is optimized across the value chain

Ask 366Pi

Our USP lies in being a blockchain agnostic company. We help you select the blockchain platform that suits your business’ need and aligns with your objectives & goals.

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We are enabling businesses of all size to achieve Future Tech Adoption
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