The evolution of diverse blockchain types has left many a company in a conundrum about its usability. Our blockchain consulting service is two-fold; helping businesses identify specific problem areas where blockchain could be leveraged as well as incorporate blockchain as a part of the digital transformation journey.

Leverage upon our full cycle blockchain consulting for:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Design Thinking
  • PoC Development
  • Solution Implementation
Enterprise Smart Nodes
Business-Ready Enterprise node for Public Blockchain access.
Business Protocol Layer
Design and Map your Business Use Case.
Smart layer technology
Smart Tech to integrate DLT with Enterprise Technology Stack.

Ahead of technology

We contribute to many Public Blockchain Projects.

We are continuously working towards simplifying cutting-edge technology for Mass Enterprise Adoption. Our expertise in building and integrating solutions for enterprise uniquely enable us to fast-track blockchain based use case development and integration.

With FLO Blockchain, we have rolled out C# SDK and tools to empower global Microsoft developers to build applications very quickly. FLO C# SDK helps us build and integrate many complex business cases to integrate with existing Enterprise IT infrastructure in a secure way. We are currently working with Next Generation tools development for ETH Blockchain.

The decision to adopt any new technology in a business revolves, fundamentally, around “How & What” of the technology. From “How technology could unleash values” to “What benefits it could provide,” the list is as long as it could get. This is where our blockchain consulting service comes into the picture. We help you unleash the potential of blockchain for your business by answering the most pertinent questions.

Our blockchain consulting capability spans across Three Areas.

Use Case Design (PoC)

Our blockchain consultants possess deep awareness of blockchain’s usability in different industries. We assess your business to identify the pain-points and ideate the feasibility of adopting blockchain for business benefits. For every feasible project, we design custom use-case according to the expected business goals and system workflow.

Prototype (MVP/Pilot)

From designing the framework for a viable solution to architecture design, we ensure the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Pilot replicates the live running scenario. Quality checks & user acceptance testing is performed internally by replicating the client’s scenario.

Product Development

Our team of blockchain developers & consultants help you with end-to-end product development on the blockchain. From designing the UI/UX on the blockchain to front-end, back-end implementation, we ensure the blockchain solution leverages upon your existing resources & process.