Digital Marketing Strategy- A Spiders’ Web

Boys of Hoyts Clovelly Theatre "Spider's Web" Club ride their bikes while "Spiderman" looks on, by Sam Hood

[full_width_content title=””]In the law of probable outcomes the numbers lead a dance and everything boils down to the sacred geometry of chance. The advent of Social Media, in particular and usability of Digital Media in general osmoses the probability to actuality. Any business which does not invests in identifying the right set of digital media and getting connected to the consumer is losing out to the competition with every passing day. You have to be, willy-nilly, part of the change if you want your business to witness the tomorrow and not get left behind. Cloud undoubtedly provides you a runway to take off with the digital marketing stuff, at the same time integrating it with the third party tools to create an inbound pull factor.[/full_width_content]

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The question shouldn’t be about How but Why and What part of the digital marketing strategy.

   How the integration of external platforms and internal organization happen? And many more such questions

The answer to the question of digital framework could be understood by looking at a spider’s web. The most difficult part seems to be the first thread. Likewise, for digital framework, the most difficult part is [marker ]laying down the first line of control [/marker] which becomes the foundation stone for further lines and any ad-hoc modifications. Neither the spider flies, nor walks down the other side carrying the thread. The spider releases a sticky thread that is blown away with the wind. The breeze, after trial-error, carries the thread to a spot where it sticks and hence the first line is formed. The spider cautiously walks on the line and reinforces it.[marker ] Likewise, the beginning point and line of a digital marketing should be chosen after trial and error.[/marker] It is not akin to purchasing the enterprise version of some tool and integrating it with your website under the social tag. It neither is akin to having a Facebook page or Twitter handle without any larger planning and objective behind the same.

A spider’s web stands the test of time  by being extremely flexible and that’s what digital presence brings to a business organization i.e. preparedness for the future by being immensely flexible. The flexibility comes in the form of constant customers’ feedback, discussions, and interactions over those larger than life platforms and analyzing the same to understand the changing trends and preference. Adopting and adapting the digital trend is the shortest possible route towards building a new business model wherein staying connected with customers is the key as business happens too fast and profound.

The cloud based platforms like Salesforce is one of the best suites to achieve collaboration and consumerisation of enterprise. The ubiquitous cloud helps your organization achieve internal integration by connecting machines which used to work in silos and independent to each other, thus enabling communication between the external market and internal capability. It makes sure that the world is visible to you so as to not fall behind the expectations. The information, regarding customer, market, trend, innovation, competition, and many such things come in the context of the moment. This is akin to a spider’s web wherein the vibration of the web comes in context of the moment letting the spider know of the prey.

The availability of tailor made services, with possibility of further customization, like “Marketing Cloud”, “Service Cloud”, “Sales Cloud”, “Work dot com”, “AppExchange”, and “Chatter” with equally good support from tools like “Hubspot” and platforms like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “Linkedin” makes it as easy as a walk down the lane to be adopted. All you need is an analysis of your business’ requirement and a team to successfully deploy the tools for you.

The mobile revolution followed by the smartphone Tsunami has provided the common man a weapon to speak, influence, and get influenced. People are talking and if your business isn’t a part of that talk then you are losing the best possible chance of getting considered and build a brand through one of the best form of advertising i.e. word-of-mouth.

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