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I am not as good a father as my Dad. Who the hell misses the Child’s shot for vaccine schedule? I did. I should have just followed his Old-School advice and stick to a Big Poster with dates depicting Gantt of painful vaccination that my toddler has to go through. Damn it!
Nevertheless, I am lucky to be married (even after the debacle) and having a lovely living reminder for everything. We were able to catch-up on the vaccination after pediatrics accelerated prescription in following months.

ImmuneHave you ever been into situation where you have missed the schedule of medication or vaccination?

You must have your own unique way of setting a reminder but it’s ubiquitously expected these days that you use your smartphones to set a reminder for yourself. I should have done that too! I am alas lazy when it comes to creating a reminder on my phone. Improvement is on cards and so are my New-Year Resolution(s).  This blog doesn’t end here; it rather starts with blame to Health Care Provider. They  rather should have system to alert me and remind me about the vaccination. (How convenient???)

How about a system that helps Parents and Care-Giver to use a collaborative platform and improve the overall efficiency and experience? (And let people like me to not miss on vaccination schedule ) Our app, Health1, built on Salesforce Platform can help you here. It is 100% on cloud works on all possible Tablets, mobiles and assist you in accelerated deployment.HealthOne

Yes, Yes. Salesforce allows Health1 to live it’s vision of – “No Hardware. No Software. No Boundaries.

As a Healthcare provider, you can choose to customize and deploy Health1. You can use this app to:

  • Create Immunization Plan for a child
  • Enter, update or modify a child’s vaccination history
  • Load a previously saved vaccination history
  • Save the child’s vaccination history to your computer for future use
  • Send a Reminder using Email, SMS
  • Alert Parents about Outbreak of disease and update with Weekly health Tips
  • Analytical Dashboard on Child’s vaccination
  • who have missed shot
  • Generate compliance reports which Govt and Agencies seek from you on regular interval
  • Print a vaccination schedule
  • Generate an accelerated vaccination schedule (to schedule immunizations as soon as possible)
  • Vaccination Checklist
  • Knowledge base to give you relevant information about the vaccine
  • Enable channel for Doctor-Patient communication

As a parent, you might be concerned here – What’s in it for Parents? For all disasters in this world – we have an app these days. Thank You Salesforce1 for being a platform of choice for developing Parents Apps. It keeps Parents smart by maintaining a schedule and setting a reminder on smart devices. Write to us and we will be happy to help you out.


I am disastrous when it comes to selling; so, I think I should get back to that Yellow poster and mark HEPA for 20th February before I start another debacle. I would like to dedicate another blog for Quantifiable metrics like Productivity Gain, Cost Saved, Improved ROI, Satisfaction Indices etc. But, there is a number which I want you to look at.Globally, every fifth child is unimmunized. Yes, majority of them are because they are underserved and marginalized populations. Please do your part and Support UNICEF’s Immunization Program.

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